Spilianakis Lab










November 07

Babis has an ERC Starting Grant Interview


December 07 2007

Chrysa Deligianni is the first student to be recruited.



October 1

Two new graduate students, Callina and Petros, join the lab.


June 26

Cancer Research Institute (USA) Investigator Award.


February 1

Manouela joins our lab as a Research Assistant.



September 23

Babis begins as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Biology of the University of Crete.

The lab is still located at the IMBB-FORTH where he holds a position as an Affiliated Researcher.


September 1

Michalis Sarris joins the lab as a graduate student.


October 21

Chryssa Deligianni was selected to give an oral presentation at the "Tri-Society" conference in Lisbon and got the second prize!!!!


May 15

Marie Curie, International Reintegration Grant.



"Regional Potential" Grant: "Proteomics facility at the IMBB" (ProFI). Our lab is a partner.



July 21

Michallis Sarris successfully passed his qualifying exams.


July 16

Theodor Savidis got his BSc from the Biology Department of the University of Crete.


July 14

Research grant from the Research Committee of the University of Crete.



July 2012


Chrysa's paper was published in EMBO Reports.


March 2012

Our laboratory was awarded a Grant for Excellence from the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology.


February 2012

Our laboratory is part of a Research Team that was awarded a Research Grant via the funding scheme "THALIS I" from the Greek Ministry of Education.



Two great new PhD students, Chryssa Stathopoulou and Anta Salatai, join our lab. Their research will focus on the transcriptional regulation of miRNA gene loci in the innate and adaptive immune system.


October 08

Babis has an ERC Consolidator Grant Interview.






Callina wrote a successful research proposal for the FONDATION SANTE Research Grant scheme.